Impact Evaluation of DCG Sudan's Former Ecofarm Projects 1. "Eco-Farm Research Project in Kordofan Region, Sudan" and 2. "Enhancement of Up-scaling of Eco-Farm Proven Technologies"

December 2016

This report presents the findings of an impact evaluation carried out in December 2016 looking specifically at the impact of DCG Sudan's Ecofarm project and it's up-scaling phase.

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Utilization of composted bagasse, water hyacinth and banana waste in reclamation of desert soils

DCG report no. 76 | April 2015

This report presents results from a DCG Sudan project examining whether organic waste in urban areas of Sudan could be composted and used to improve soil fertility and cultivation capacity.

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Ecofarm research project - Kordofan region - Sudan

DCG report no. 71 | November 2012

The Ecofarm project in Sudan tested several crop and livestock technologies aiming to increase agricultural production and improve food security. This report presents the final results of the project.

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Facts on water harvesting Factsheet

March 2012

DCG's factsheet on water harvesting

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Facts on Ecofarm Factsheet

January 2012

DCG's factsheet on Ecofarm project main results

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Literature assessment on drought in Sudah

DCG report no. 69 | November 2011

The purpose of this study is to review the available literature and studies relevant to the disaster of drought and desertification in Sudan.

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Review of the Food Security and Natural Resource Situation in Sudan

DCG report no. 63 | October 2011

This literature review attempts to pool together information from actors working to ensure food security in the most food insecure and vulnerable areas across Sudan. It aims to provide the information needed for planning environmental friendly food security interventions, as a new strategy.

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Agro-Sahel A collection of evidence-based techniques and approaches for agricultural improvement in the Sahel

October 2011

DCG's up-dated collection of best-practices, Agro-Sahel, aims to present the best approaches and practices for improving agriculture in Sahelian countries.

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Livelihood Assessment of the Dryland Community, Um Jawasir - Sudan

DCG report no. 67 | October 2011

Analysis of livelihood assets and livelihood strategies of Um Jawasir's population as a model for dry area, through participatory rural appraisal and Baseline Livelihoods Analysis framework, which embraces both a Sustainable Livelihoods and Vulnerability assessment.

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Changes and threats facing nomads under drylands - the case of Shanabla tribe in Western Sudan

DCG report no. 62 | September 2011

The report gives a thorough overview of the nomad sector in Kordofan and provides a framework and factual background for work on the issues that challenge the nomads of Kordofan.

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