Food Security Indicators in Two Sites of Norwegian Church Aid’s Intervention Zone in Mali: Bambara Maoudé and N’Daki

DCG Report no.1B | July 1998

This report presents the results of a punctual study, conducted by a team of consultants, consisting of an agronomist and a resource geographer, of the indicators of food security of a pastoral environment in the Gourma area of Mali, in two of Norwegian Church Aid’s (NCA) intervention sites – Bambara Maoudé and N’Daki. The field mission took place from 26 May to 8 June 1998.

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Impact Evaluation of the Food Crop Establishment Project in the Sahelian and Sudano-Sahelian Areas of Mali

April 2016

This evaluation investigates the impact of the project on communities directly involved in the project as well as the degree to which the project results have been taken up by other actors.

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Seed priming techniques (with the application of microdoses of fertilizer)

April 2014

Effects of seed priming techniques and the application of microdoses of fertilizer on the growth and development of sorghum.

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Facts on water harvesting Factsheet

March 2012

DCG's factsheet on water harvesting

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Facts on Ecofarm Factsheet

January 2012

DCG's factsheet on Ecofarm project main results

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Agro-Sahel A collection of evidence-based techniques and approaches for agricultural improvement in the Sahel

October 2011

DCG's up-dated collection of best-practices, Agro-Sahel, aims to present the best approaches and practices for improving agriculture in Sahelian countries.

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Moving from emergency seed aid to seed security - linking relief with development

Proceedings no. 24 | July 2008

Workshop organized by the Drylands Coordination Group Norway and Caritas Norway, in collaboration with Norad and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo May 14th 2008.

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Review of Information Available on Seed Security and Seed Aid Interventions in DCG Partner Countries

DCG report no. 51 | October 2007

This report aims at providing an overview of the dominant approaches to seed relief as well as an overview on available literature on the topic.

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Capacity building workshop on financial mechanisms for UNCCD related projects

Proceedings no. 21 | January 2007

Workshop organized by the Coordination of Women Associations and Organizations of Mali (CAFO) and DCG Mali for members of DCG Mali. September 11th-13th 2006 at the Modibo Keita Memorial in Bamako, Mali.

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