African Mountain Forests – Current Status, Critical Issues, and Ways Forward for Conservation Proceedings from a Conference in Oslo, 17th November 2014

DCG proceedings no. 26 | December 2015

This record of a conference held in Oslo November 2014 focuses on the challenges we face with the continued loss of eastern Africa's mountain forests, and the opportunities we have to correct this situation.

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Impact of Land Certification on Sustainable Land Resource Management in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia

DCG Report no. 75 | May 2014

This study investigates the impact of land certification on sustainable land resource management and long-term investments in the eastern and western Amhara region, in Ethiopia.

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Opportunities and constraints of groundnut production in selected drylands of Ethiopia

DCG report no. 74 | January 2014

This report is the result of a DCG project focusing on opportunities and constraints in groundnut production in selected drylands of Etiopia. The project particularly looked into the challenge of reducing the level of mycotoxins.

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Situational analysis of indigenous social institutions and their role in rural livelihoods The case of selected food insecure lowland areas of Southern Ethiopia

DCG report no. 73 | October 2013

This study is an empirical study aimed at examining the situations of selected informal social institutions and their role in rural livelihoods among three selected rural communities of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia.

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Can provision of household agricultural extension packages reduce rural food insecurity and poverty?

DCG report no.70 | October 2012

This study explores the contribution of integrated household agricultural extension package programme on poverty reduction and improved household food security, in three districts in Northern Ethiopia.

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Facts on water harvesting Factsheet

March 2012

DCG's factsheet on water harvesting

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Facts on Ecofarm Factsheet

January 2012

DCG's factsheet on Ecofarm project main results

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The ‘Black-Box’ of Ethiopian Agricultural Produce Price Formation & its Determinants

DCG report no. 68 | November 2011

Since 2005, Ethiopia’s food price inflation has increased dramatically. Given public anxiety over fast-rising food prices in recent years, this study attempts to analyze the effects of external, domestic or structural factors causing Ethiopia’s food inflation using vector error correction model.

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Challenges, Opportunities and Available Good Practices related to Zero grazing in Tigray & Hararghe

DCG report no. 66 | October 2011

The study presented in this report examins grazing practices in Tigray and Hararghe looking at four districts that represent different agro-ecologies, and presents several recommendations for implementing Zero grazing in Tigray.

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Impact of Resettlement on the Livelihood, Food Security and Natural Resource Utilization in Ethiopia

DCG report no. 65 | October 2011

Since the 1960, Ethiopia has implemented several resettlement programs as part of an effort to ensure food security. This report looks at positive and negative effects of some of these resettlements.

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