Agriculture and Food Security in Africa's Drylands Meeting the realities of small-scale farmers

Briefing paper | January 2010

If the international community is serious about reaching Millenium Development Goals 1, 7 and 8, investing in drylands should be top priority. This paper, published by Both ENDS, argues that marrying local practice and scientific knowledge and that ensuring the participation of CSO’s in linking local people, scientists and decision-makers, are key to meeting basic needs in drylands, now and in the future.

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Climate Change in Eastern and Southern Africa: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation Report 2008:2 from GECHS, University of Oslo

October 2008

Africa as a whole is considered to be among the most vulnerable regions to climate variability and change due in part to a lack of financial, institutional and technological capacity. However, the role that non-climatic factors play in exacerbating or reducing the impacts of climate change creates a highly differentiated picture. A number of important findings have emerged from the climate change and development literature, and from analyses of risks and hazards.

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Saving lives through livelihoods:

August 2006

Critical gaps in the response to the drought in the Greater Horn of Africa.

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Prevailing Gender Ideologies which Hinder Girls' Education Among Pastoral Nomads in Eritrean Society

December 2005

This paper analyzes girls’ and women’s education in Eritrea in general, and among pastoral societies in particular.

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National Report on the Implementation of the UNCCD in Eritrea

January 2004

This is the Eritrean report on the implementation of the UNCCD submitted in 2004.

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