A Successful New Approach to Environmental Restoration and Improving Livelihoods in Degraded East African Highlands Evaluation report of a 21-year old project

October 2016

This report presents an evaluation of an innovative 21-year research effort to restore native forests on severely eroded land in three villages at ±2,500m elevation.

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African Mountain Forests – Current Status, Critical Issues, and Ways Forward for Conservation Proceedings from a Conference in Oslo, 17th November 2014

DCG proceedings no. 26 | December 2015

This record of a conference held in Oslo November 2014 focuses on the challenges we face with the continued loss of eastern Africa's mountain forests, and the opportunities we have to correct this situation.

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Moving from emergency seed aid to seed security - linking relief with development

Procès-verbal no. 24 | July 2008

Workshop organized by the Drylands Coordination Group Norway and Caritas Norway, in collaboration with Norad and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo May 14th 2008.

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Review of Information Available on Seed Security and Seed Aid Interventions in DCG Partner Countries

DCG rapport no. 51 | October 2007

This report aims at providing an overview of the dominant approaches to seed relief as well as an overview on available literature on the topic.

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Bridging the Gap Between Research, Extension and the Farmer in Eritrea

Procès-verbal no. 22 | April 2007

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Sahel Web

January 2007

The goal of this document is to present the best approaches and practices for improving agriculture in Sahelian countries. The technologies presented are those for which there is scientific documentation and that are already in the process of being adopted by farmers.

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Management of Salt-affected Soils in the NCEW "Shemshemia" Irrigation Scheme in Upper Gash Valley

DCG rapport no. 20 | March 2002

To enhance food security and to develop sustainable agricultural production, large-scale irrigation schemes have been developed in the coastal plains and in the western lowlands of Eritrea.

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