Workshop on The Experiences of Water Harvesting in the Drylands of Ethiopia

Water harvesting systems have been successfully utilized by people in some parts of the world where water shortage exists. The application of water harvesting techniques although potentially high is still actually low in practice in Ethiopia.

DCG report no. 19 | Haile Mitiku and Sorssa Natea Merga | February 2002

In order to meet the water demand for various purposes, sustainable systems of water harvesting and managing should be developed. Local approaches and indigenous experiences have to be encouraged and be applied easily at both village and household levels.

The Drylands Coordination Group (DCG) arranged a workshop where its members and partner organizations met to present and discuss their practice and experience with water harvesting projects. Such sharing of experiences and coordination is likely to enhance the quality of water-harvesting projects carried out. The workshop’s focus was on the presentation and discussion of local/indigenous practices for water harvesting and their possible consequences.

 The workshop’s specific objectives were to:

  • Create a forum for experience sharing
  • Strengthen the technical capacity of field staff on basic principles and practical aspects of different types of water harvesting projects
  • Discuss possible unintentional effects of such projects

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