Survey on striga and crop husbandry practices in relation to striga management and control of sorghum (Sorghum bicholor) in the Goluge sub zone: Lessons to be learned and creating awareness

The main purpose of the project is to assess and evaluate striga infestation through a socio- economic survey in the villages of the Goluge sub zone and to create awareness among the farming community.

Report No. 33 | Asmerom Kidane, Woldeamlak Araia, Zeru Ghebremichael and Goitom Gobezay | December 2004

The main objectives:

  • Conduct a socio-economic survey to assess the agronomic packages adopted for striga control; and to know the intensity, dissemination, yield loss and control of striga in the Goluge area;
  • Identify indigenous knowledge and recommend efficient crop management as well as research intervention for sustainable yield and to reduce the infestation of striga;
  • Upgrade farmers’ awareness through seminars, bulletins, posters and translation into local languages;
  • Assess the striga-sorghum relationship in farmers’ fields;
  • Understand the relationship between striga-soil bank seed reserves and the impact of cropping systems on the seed bank in the soil.

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