Strategic Framework for the pastoralism in Africa

This outline of a strategic framework for pastoralism in Africa is the result of a series of consultations and regional assessments of pastoralism conducted since mid-2007.

Union Africaine/African Union | December 2013

The African pastoralism is very dependent on herds, sources of social and economic well-being, and a strategic mobility which allows the access to the water and to the pastures in zones of big variability of the precipitation. The pastoralism is present everywhere in Africa and, in certain regions, it is the dominant means of existence. The ministers supply the local, regional and international markets in a substantial way and make crucial contributions (but often under estimated) at the African economies. Their systems of production are very adaptable and constantly respond to market trends and climate variations. Pastoral culture is part of the cultural heritage of Africa, the plant and animal resources in pastoral areas are among the continent's most important genetic resources.

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