Review of Information Available on Seed Security and Seed Aid Interventions in DCG Partner Countries

This report aims at providing an overview of the dominant approaches to seed relief as well as an overview on available literature on the topic.

DCG report no. 51 | Frida Bengtsson | October 2007

The report starts with giving a background on the most common approaches to seed interventions both in normal times and in times of stress. It is important to emphasize that seed interventions take place both within longer-term seed and agricultural development activities as well as in areas hit by disasters. Furthermore, the report presents some of the most widely used approaches to seed relief interventions, such as Direct Seed Distributions (DSD), Seed Vouchers and Fairs (SV&F) and Input Trade Fairs (ITF). The author has also tried to provide an overview of the current seed situation in DCG partner countries. The last section of the report provides examples of what can be implemented within existing programs under the DCG umbrella in order to monitor seed status among participating farmers.

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