Challenges, Opportunities and Available Good Practices related to Zero grazing in Tigray & Hararghe

DCG report no. 66 | October 2011

The study presented in this report examins grazing practices in Tigray and Hararghe looking at four districts that represent different agro-ecologies, and presents several recommendations for implementing Zero grazing in Tigray.

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Literature assessment on drought in Sudah

DCG report no. 69 | November 2011

The purpose of this study is to review the available literature and studies relevant to the disaster of drought and desertification in Sudan.

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Impact of Resettlement on the Livelihood, Food Security and Natural Resource Utilization in Ethiopia

DCG report no. 65 | October 2011

Since the 1960, Ethiopia has implemented several resettlement programs as part of an effort to ensure food security. This report looks at positive and negative effects of some of these resettlements.

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Climate change adaptations and induced farming livelihoods

DCG report no. 64 | October 2011

This report seeks to analyze how farmers perceive climate change and the extent of adaptation they make in response to this change. It presents the results of a research project conducted by DCG in Ethiopia.

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Review of the Food Security and Natural Resource Situation in Sudan

DCG report no. 63 | October 2011

This literature review attempts to pool together information from actors working to ensure food security in the most food insecure and vulnerable areas across Sudan. It aims to provide the information needed for planning environmental friendly food security interventions, as a new strategy.

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Agro-Sahel A collection of evidence-based techniques and approaches for agricultural improvement in the Sahel

October 2011

DCG's up-dated collection of best-practices, Agro-Sahel, aims to present the best approaches and practices for improving agriculture in Sahelian countries.

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Livelihood Assessment of the Dryland Community, Um Jawasir - Sudan

DCG report no. 67 | October 2011

Analysis of livelihood assets and livelihood strategies of Um Jawasir's population as a model for dry area, through participatory rural appraisal and Baseline Livelihoods Analysis framework, which embraces both a Sustainable Livelihoods and Vulnerability assessment.

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Changes and threats facing nomads under drylands - the case of Shanabla tribe in Western Sudan

DCG report no. 62 | September 2011

The report gives a thorough overview of the nomad sector in Kordofan and provides a framework and factual background for work on the issues that challenge the nomads of Kordofan.

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On-farm water harvesting for rainfed agriculture development and food security in Tigray, Ethiopia Investigation of technical and socioeconomic issues

DCG report no. 61 | July 2011

A wider scale of water harvesting technology dissemination program has been carried out in Ethiopia since 2002/03.The research presented in this report was conducted with the aim of evaluating the implementation of the program and its impacts thus far, and to identify the major technical and socio-economic constraints to the wider utilization of the on-farm level household ponds.

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Results of Ecofarm Action Research Activities in Three Project Areas in Ethiopia

DCG report no. 59 | October 2010

Despite the multidimensional challenges facing dryland farmers, dryland areas have not got sufficient research and development attention, mainly due to the limited capacities of both the national and regional research system to address the challenges. Ecofarm was launched with the objectives to increase farmers’ income, to reduce farmers’ vulnerability to climate change, to improve human nutrition, and to preserve the environment. This was done through the introduction of improved technologies.

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