Workshop on the Synergy between the Rio Conventions and the Ramsar Convention

Procès-verbaux No. 15 | January 2005

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Experience Sharing Tour and Workshop on Shelterbelts and Fuel Wood Substitutes in Sudan

Procès-verbaux No. 14 | December 2004

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Management of Salt-affected Soils in the NCEW "Shemshemia" Irrigation Scheme in Upper Gash Valley

DCG rapport no. 20 | March 2002

To enhance food security and to develop sustainable agricultural production, large-scale irrigation schemes have been developed in the coastal plains and in the western lowlands of Eritrea.

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Workshop on The Experiences of Water Harvesting in the Drylands of Ethiopia Principles and Practices.

DCG rapport no. 19 | February 2002

Water harvesting systems have been successfully utilized by people in some parts of the world where water shortage exists. The application of water harvesting techniques although potentially high is still actually low in practice in Ethiopia.

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