Major camel diseases in Southern Ethiopia

This report describes the seasonal occurrences of major camel diseases along with participatory investigations of constraints and potentials of camel production in the Borana lowland areas.

DCG report no. 58 | Bekele Megersa | September 2010

Much emphasis was given to the seasonal occurrences of major camel diseases, causes of calf morbidity and mortality. Comparative indigenous knowledge of camel pastoralism between Gabra and Borana herders was also discussed. The study also dealt with traditional management practices (herd movement, foraging, watering, salt supplementations and breeding), health care, morbidity and mortality in camel herds.

Since little is known about the health problem of Ethiopian camels, this research plays an important role in filling the knowledge gap and drawing attention towards the improvement of health care and management practices with subsequent enhancement of production performances. This may substantially contribute to food security and human welfare particularly in vulnerable households of arid and semi-arid areas practicing camel pastoralism.

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