Female Headed Households in Tigray, Ethiopia - A Study Review

The overall aim of this study is to document the existence of studies and available information sources relevant to increasing knowledge and understanding about the situation of female headed households in Tigray, Ethiopia, with a particular focus on household livelihoods.

Report No. 35 | Fiona Meehan | December 2004

Specific objectives were to:

  • Produce a report summarising and synthesising information gathered
  • Within currently available information about female headed households in Tigray, identify gaps and areas for further work which could facilitate development of effective measures to improve these households’ livelihoods
  • To work with WAT and other DCG members as appropriate in developing a Terms of Reference for further research/action, following on from report recommendations.

The main focus is on female headed households in Tigray. The scope of the review also encompasses a brief look at national level policy initiatives and some studies, involving Tigray and/or other areas of Ethiopia, which may be relevant and helpful in sharing experience, and providing comparative baseline and other data.

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