African Mountain Forests – Current Status, Critical Issues, and Ways Forward for Conservation

This record of a conference held in Oslo November 2014 focuses on the challenges we face with the continued loss of eastern Africa's mountain forests, and the opportunities we have to correct this situation.

DCG proceedings no. 26 | Scott Jones et al. | December 2015

The proceedings provide a brief review of the key issues driving the need for the conservation and restoration of Africa's mountain forests, including climate change, poverty, population growth (especially an expanding youth population) and the need for economic development. The situation in the following five countries is presented: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.

These Proceedings focus on the mountain areas of Eastern Africa, mostly above 1,500 metres high, from the Red Sea highlands of Eritrea (±18ºN) to the Drakensberg range in southern Africa ± 28ºS). The mountains and high plateaux of Africa are key to climate moderation, environmental stability and people's livelihoods far beyond their own geographic boundaries. The forests that grow at these high elevations are life-supporting systems whose loss would have dire consequences directly for millions of people, and indirectly for millions more. Apart from providing fuelwood, charcoal, timber and medicines, Africa's high forests are critical environmental and social support systems locally, and for the world beyond.

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