20 Years of Collaboration - Perspectives on Food Security and Development in the Sahel

For more than 20 years, the Drylands Coordination Group (DCG) has worked on food and livelihood security, agriculture and natural resource management in the Sahel. This publication presents lessons learnt and experiences made through DCG's work. Perspectives on future development in the Sahel region are also presented.

Edited by Martine Dahle Huse | April 2018

Recognizing the value of learning from DCG’s 20 years of experience, the board of DCG in Norway decided to edit this final DCG publication showcasing a handful of important lessons learnt and experiences made through DCG’s work. In this publication, we aim to pull out and present factors we believe have been central to the successful work of DCG.

The first section of this report presents current perspectives on the Sahelian context with two chapters focusing on: 1) the links between food insecurity and conflict, and 2) food security, climate change and population growth.

Following this contextualization, the second section presents the contribution of DCG focusing on lessons learnt and ways forward. This sections starts with a historical introduction to Norwegian engagement in the Sahel and the development of DCG. Next, two elements of DCG’s approach that have provided the foundation for DCG’s successful up-scaling of research results are discussed: the methodology of Action Research; and the organizing as a multi-stakeholder network. After sharing these perspectives on DCG, we proceed to provide three articles presenting thematic areas where DCG’s work has provided valuable insights - agricultural production, pastoralism and sustainable natural resource management. And finally, we present some concluding considerations about the relevance of DCG’s work for the future.

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