Integrated Plant Nutrition Management in Mali

Report No. 36 | March 2005

The overall objective of this project was to improve food security by building the competence of farmers and NGOs in soil fertility management.

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Female Headed Households in Tigray, Ethiopia - A Study Review

Report No. 35 | December 2004

The overall aim of this study is to document the existence of studies and available information sources relevant to increasing knowledge and understanding about the situation of female headed households in Tigray, Ethiopia, with a particular focus on household livelihoods.

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A Study to Determine the Extent and Use of Environmental Impact Assessment of Agricultural Development Projects – A Case Study from Eritrea

Report No. 34 | December 2004

The overall objective of the study is to assess and document the extent and use of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of agricultural development projects and come up with appropriate recommendations for conducting EIA.  

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Survey on striga and crop husbandry practices in relation to striga management and control of sorghum (Sorghum bicholor) in the Goluge sub zone: Lessons to be learned and creating awareness

Report No. 33 | December 2004

The main purpose of the project is to assess and evaluate striga infestation through a socio- economic survey in the villages of the Goluge sub zone and to create awareness among the farming community.

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Gender, HIV/AIDS and Food Security Linkage and Integration into Development Interventions

Report no. 32 | December 2004

The study focuses on the links between gender and HIV/AIDS and food security particularly on the coping mechanisms related to food security among men and women, suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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Indigenous Rangeland resources and Conflict Management by the North Afar Pastoral Groups in Ethiopia

Report No. 31 | November 2004

The study was conducted in northern Afar pastoral groups with the purpose of identifying and popularizing patterns of pastoral natural resources and indigenous conflict management.

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On-Farm Storage Studies in Eritrea

Report No.28 | June 2003

The main aim of the study is to understand the storage system of the subsistence farmers, types of pests that affect the storage grains and the storage management system in Eritrea.      

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Implementation Aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Policy and Extension Gap in Ethiopia Policy and Extension Gap in Ethiopia

Report No. 27 | March 2003

This study shows implementation aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and the gap between existing technology at different levels and supporting policy environment.

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Indicators to Promote Civil Society’s (NGOs and CBOs) Participation in the Implementation of Ethiopia’s National and Regional Action Programs of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Report No. 26 | March 2003

The main purpose of this study is to develop indicators that promote and monitor the participation of Civil Society (NGOs and CBOs) in the processes related to the formulation and implementation of the UNCCD NAP and RAPs in Ethiopia.

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Sedentarisation of Nomadic People: The Case of the Hawawir in Um Jawasir, Northern Sudan The Case of the Hawawir in Um Jawasir, Northern Sudan

Report No. 24 | February 2003

This study explores problems of settlement with regard to nomadic pastoralist communities.

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