Impact Evaluation of DCG Sudan's Former Ecofarm Projects 1. "Eco-Farm Research Project in Kordofan Region, Sudan" and 2. "Enhancement of Up-scaling of Eco-Farm Proven Technologies"

This report presents the findings of an impact evaluation carried out in December 2016 looking specifically at the impact of DCG Sudan's Ecofarm project and it's up-scaling phase.

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A Successful New Approach to Environmental Restoration and Improving Livelihoods in Degraded East African Highlands Evaluation report of a 21-year old project

October 2016

This report presents an evaluation of an innovative 21-year research effort to restore native forests on severely eroded land in three villages at ±2,500m elevation.

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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Drylands

December 2015

This Drynet publication shares examples of projects implemented by Drynet members around the world and is meant to inspire practicioners, scientists and policy makers everywhere.

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Impact Evaluation of the Food Crop Establishment Project in the Sahelian and Sudano-Sahelian Areas of Mali

April 2016

This evaluation investigates the impact of the project on communities directly involved in the project as well as the degree to which the project results have been taken up by other actors.

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African Mountain Forests – Current Status, Critical Issues, and Ways Forward for Conservation Proceedings from a Conference in Oslo, 17th November 2014

DCG proceedings no. 26 | December 2015

This record of a conference held in Oslo November 2014 focuses on the challenges we face with the continued loss of eastern Africa's mountain forests, and the opportunities we have to correct this situation.

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Utilization of composted bagasse, water hyacinth and banana waste in reclamation of desert soils

DCG report no. 76 | April 2015

This report presents results from a DCG Sudan project examining whether organic waste in urban areas of Sudan could be composted and used to improve soil fertility and cultivation capacity.

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DCG Annual Report 2013

January 2015

This report provides an overview of DCG's work in 2013.

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Impact of Land Certification on Sustainable Land Resource Management in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Report no. 75 | May 2014

This study investigates the impact of land certification on sustainable land resource management and long-term investments in the eastern and western Amhara region, in Ethiopia.

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Efficiency and Productivity Differential Effects of Land Certification Program in Ethiopia

April 2014

This rapport from the Ethiopia Strategy Support Program examines the effects of the land certification program in Ethiopia on efficiency and productivity.

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Seed priming techniques (with the application of microdoses of fertilizer)

April 2014

Effects of seed priming techniques and the application of microdoses of fertilizer on the growth and development of sorghum.

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