20 Years of Collaboration Perspectives on Food Security and Development in the Sahel

April 2018

For more than 20 years, the Drylands Coordination Group (DCG) has worked on food and livelihood security, agriculture and natural resource management in the Sahel. This publication presents lessons learnt and experiences made through DCG's work. Perspectives on future development in the Sahel region are also presented.

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From Emergency Relief to Local Development and Civil Society Building A review of Norwegian People’s Aid’s Intervention in Southern Sudan

DCG report no.18 | January 2002

The present study,  is a review of The Norwegian People’s Aid's (NPA) interventions in two counties with reference to the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy in practice and the lessons for the future. The main focus is on the food security project and related interventions of the NPA.

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Traditional Coping Strategies of the Afar and Borana Pastoralists in Response to Drought

DCG report no.17 | November 2001

This study has the the overall objective to support communities of drought prone areas in rebuilding and strengthening their coping strategies in response to drought. In drought prone areas in Ethiopia the indigenous coping strategies at times of disaster are being eroded by external factors such as continuous relief food assistance, thereby leaving communities to be dependent on external aid. Several DCG members in Ethiopia are assisting the communities in the areas through local partners and have seen the need to assist the communities in being more self-reliable in early disaster periods. The purpose of the study is to improve selfreliance and reduce dependency of foreign food aid.

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La Participation de la Société Civile aux Plans d’Actions Nationaux de la UNCCD sur la Lutte Contre la Desertification

DCG rapport no.16B | September 2001

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Participation of Civil Society in the National Action Programs of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

DCG report no.16A | November 2001

The main purposes of the two assessments in Ethiopia and Mali are to review the involvement of Civil Society in the UNCCD National Action Programs (NAP) in these two countries and to come up with recommendations for how to strengthen CS participation in implementing the NAPs.

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Perceptions des Connaissances et Stratégies de Survie chez les Communautés Nomades Le cas des Hawawir au Nord Soudan

DCG rapport no.15B | September 2001

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Perceptions of Knowledge and Coping Strategies in Nomadic Communities The case of the Hawawir in Northern Sudan

DCG report no.15 | September 2001

This study focuses on education and Hawawir (northern Sudan) women and men’s  perceptions of knowledge and discusses possibilities and constraints for enhancing education of girls in nomadic communities. In order to get a better understanding of the Hawawir notions of what knowledge is, we have approached knowledge in relation to the various coping strategies considered important to women and men both in the local and national context.

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Gestion Intégrée de Nutriments Végétaux (GINV): Tests Pratiques de Technologies avec des Groupes de Paysans

DCG rapport no.14B | May 2001

La présente étude est concentrée sur deux projets au Mali : le projet ROCAM1 de CARE à Macina et le projet AIDeB à Bafaloubé auquel participe la Fondation Strømme. L’accent a porté sur l’essai pratique de diverses technologies au sein de groupes de recherche composés d’agriculteurs. Leurs opinions concernant les nouvelles méthodes ont été discutées et analysées.

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Integrated Plant Nutrition Management (IPNM): Practical Testing of Technologies with Farmers Groups

DCG report no.14 | May 2001

This study presents results from field tests on Integrated Plant Nutrition Management (IPNM) in Mali. The study focused on two projects in Mali. The projects are the ROCAM project1 of CARE in Macina and the AIDeP project in Bafaloubé in which the Stromme Foundation is a partner. The focus is on practical testing of different technologies in farmers research groups. Farmers’ perceptions in relation to the new methods were discussed and analyzed.

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Revisiting the Regulatory and Supervision Framework of the Micro-finance Industry in Ethiopia

DCG report no.13 | March 2001

This study is to assess the regulatory framework of credit and savings programmes in Ethiopia, to assess the legislation’s range of applications, and to analyse the legislation’s effect on different forms of credit and savings programs. The study is expected to help the member organizations of DCG in Ethiopia to position themselves, and their credit and savings programmes, in relation to the proclamation issued by the Ethiopian government (Proclamation No. 40/1996).

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