Micro-credit and Adaptation to Climate Change


The goal of the project is to contribute to reducing the vulnerability of poor communities to climate change and food insecurity through a micro-credit program.

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Strategies of adaptation of agriculture and livestock to the effects of climate change


Mali is a Sahelian agro-pastoral country which has been hard hit by the effects of climate change. Local responses to the Sahelization phenomenon have undoubtedly given satisfactory results which have unfortunately not been capitalized on.

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Integrated cropping systems for sustainable production in the face of climate change


A simple observation in the Sahelian and Sudano-Sahelian areas is the low level of primary productions essentially due to the combined effects of severe climate conditions, the low level of fertility of the soils (particularly in organic matter), the poor management of an already fragile ecosystem, and an amplified condition of poverty in the populations.

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Management and Feasibility of Pastoral Infrastructures


The Malian Government and its development partners have made tremendous efforts in the realization of pastoral infrastructures. The setting up of these infrastructures has been an important asset in the development of pastoralism. However, the different stakeholders have forgotten or have refused to develop and implement accompaniment measures helping not only to operationalize but also make profitable and sustainable the infrastructures set up. The result is that nearly all of them have disappeared or have ceased to be operational.

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Advocacy for a structured green energy in Mali


The goal of this project is to draw decison makers’ attention to the production of biofuels by people who do not control all the stakes related to this new cash crop.

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Advocacy for the taking into account of technologies of adaptation of agriculture to CC


The goal of the project is to contribute to setting up a sustainable policy mechanism for improving food self-production in the communes of Nara and Guenebe in Koulikoro region, Fatinè and Fani in Segou region, taking into account the Economic, Social, and Cultural Development Plans (PDSEC).

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Action Research Training of DCG Mali Members


The goal of this project is to build the capacities of member NGOs in the design and implementation of Action Research projects.

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Action-research on palm tree regeneration


Prospective study on the causes of the disappearance of date palm-trees in the Western Sahel in order to find appropriate strategies for saving this very useful species which undoubtedly contributes to the reinforcement of household food security.

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Rain water harvesting


Rain water harvesting has been practiced for thousands of years in different parts of the world, in towns as well as in rural areas. Several of these traditional practices have been improved and are now being used via development projects to enhance the access to water where it is insufficient.

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Recherche –Action sur la régénération du palmier


Etude prospective sur les causes de la disparition du palmier dattier dans le sahel Occidental afin de trouver les stratégies adéquates pour la sauvegarde de cette espèce de grande utilité qui contribue sans aucun doute au renforcement de la sécurité alimentaire des ménages.

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