Effect of Improved Zero Tillage on Cereal Crops Performances


This project seeks to address the key challenges of soil degradation and related problems of drylands facing most resource-poor farmers and how improved zero tillage could provide a more suitable answer to these problems.

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Formation des membres du GCOZA Mali en Recherche - Action


Le but de ce projet est d'augmenter les capacités des ONG membres dans la conception et la mise en œuvre des projets de Recherche Action.

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Awareness raising on Rio Conventions (UNFCC, UNCCD, and UNCBD)


The overall objective of this project is to create awareness of state and non-state actors on the Rio Convections and effective implementation of same as well as the need for these Conventions in natural resource management and climate change effects in drylands of Ethiopia.

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Climate Change Adaptive Production Technologies for Crop and Livestock in Kordofan Region


The purpose of this project is to identify and recommend promising technologies and innovations for addressing climate change and enhance food security.

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Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Practices for Pastoralists


The purpose of the project is to document the knowledge on climate adaptation mechanisms of the selected pastoralist groups and disseminate these findings to relevant stakeholders. The project will result in a comprehensive documentation of locally available technologies, strategies and good practices of climate change adaptation and communicate and disseminate them so as to enhance climate change adaptation capacity both at policy and community level.

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Developing Feed Conservation Options to Improve Livestock Productivity of Sedentarised Pastoralists


The main purpose of the project is to identify potential feed resources that can be used as an input for feed conservations technologies and test affordable options which can improve livestock production that contribute to food security for vulnerable households of sedentarised pastoralists.

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Research to reduce Mycotoxin contamination


The over all objectives of the project are to identify the extent of mycotoxin contamination in groundnut as well as develop appropriate packages to promote production of high quality groundnuts in drylands.

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There are no ongoing projects in DCG Eritrea

DCG Eritrea has been an active network since 2001 and has conducted a number of studies and workshops on important topics related to food security and management of natural resources. The reports are available at this website. There are at the moment no ongoing DCG projects in Eritrea.

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Assessment of the functioning and impact of land and water contracts


The overall aim of this study is to assess the impact of the different forms of land and water contract arrangements on land management and efficiency of resource use at plot level in irrigated farming systems of the highlands.

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The ‘Black-Box’ of Ethiopian Agricultural Produce Price Formation and its Determinants


In marketing studies, the following are important points to be addressed. How are prices of a commodity determined? Are the prices responsive to changes in the underlying forces of demand and supply? Who ‘sets’ the produce price? How is the produce price affected by the intermediaries’ market power, and the risk and uncertainties in the output price? How about the impact of asymmetry in price transmission and market information? Do climate changes, changing policies and institutional settings affect produce price formation?

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