Ecofarm research project in the Northern and Southern Kordofan states

The goal of this project is to test certain improved choice basket technologies in order to determine their relevance for traditional farmers on a small scale in the Kordofan and Darfour states in the western part of the Sudan.

The main purpose of these technologies is to enable poor farmers without resources to reduce production risks, better manage their resources, increase productivity, and thus improve their food security.

The technologies tested on farm and in station include seed soaking and microdose of food and cash crops, improve cowpea utilization, the Acacia Senegal cropping, sheep fattening, the use of mineral supplement block, improved quality and availability of food, and the provision of money in cash and local tree species.

Other project activities include technology transfer, training and capacity building of farmers through Field Schools, field days, and meetings and extension visits.

The ecofarm approach is already in course of implementation and study in Mali and Ethiopia.