Action Research Training of DCG Mali Members

The goal of this project is to build the capacities of member NGOs in the design and implementation of Action Research projects.

DCG /Mali is a network of exchange, capacity building, research and action reflection for the participation of umbrella NGOs, NGOS, government services and research institutions in the development, implementation of food security programs, natural resource management, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

For many years, it has undertaken actions for food security improvement through action research activities, studies, advocacy and capacity building. All these actions have been implemented through DCG Norway funded projects and implemented by member NGOs and DCG Mali technical service members. In a concern for effectiveness on the eve of development of their strategic plan, DCG Norway ordered an evaluation of national DCGs and Mali’s DCG which took place in January 2011.  

One of DCG Mali’s recommendations focused on the necessity to direct project proposals towards Action Research.  

On the other hand, it can be noted that DCG members are better expert in the design and management of development projects than action research projects. This lack of experience is an obstacle to the ownership of action research projects which are carried out under the network. As a matter of fact, the implementation approach of these activities which are very often implemented by Consultants helps members acquire control over the basic principles of action research.  

Another recommendation focused on the necessity to further involve Malian researchers in all project phases, in order to acquire scientific argumentation of projected results.

Get to know about the action research methodology reinforces the conceptual and advocacy capacity of members on the one hand and will improve researchers’ partnership quality on the other hand.

Purpose: Develop member NGOs’ capacities in design and implementation of Action Research projects.

Specific Goals :

  • Train DCG Mali’s members in the Action Research approach
  • Develop a collaborative framework between Malian researchers and member NGOs.
At this level, the training outcomes will be used in an initial stage by participants through summary presentation in order to inform other members of their respective NGOs. Then, on account of the importance given to action research by DCG Norway, members will be able to take ownership of the technique in order to have applications from the said structure, but also to negotiate other funding from research results. On the other hand, the repertoire will serve as a reference for NGO's in the choice of researchers.