DCG Sudan works to improve food security and natural resource conservation in the drylands of Sudan

DCG Sudan became a separate member in March 2004, after having been part of DCG Ethiopia Sudan since April 2000. The secretariat of DCG Sudan is currently hosted by the Dry Land Research Center (DLRC).

Members of DCG Sudan

  • ADRA Sudan
  • Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC)
  • Dry Land Research Center (DLRC)
  • Ministry of Agriculture North Kordofan State (MaF-NK)
  • Desertificiation and Desert Cultivation Institute, University of Khartoum (DADCSI)
  • Drought and Desertification Control Unit (NDDCU)
  • Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)
  • Dry Lands Policy Unit, General Administration for Planning and Agro-Economic (DPU)