Who we are

DCG is a network which brings together small-scale farmers and pastoralists, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in-country research institutions and universities, as well as other relevant stakeholders, in order to develop sustainable, practical, and locally owned solutions to challenges faces by women, men and children in dryland communities.

DCG strives to provide a dynamic forum for knowledge exchange, support, and collaboration between its members and relevant stakeholders.

How we work

Action Research

DCG believes that production of evidence-based knowledge is crucial to improving food and livelihood security of the inhabitants of the drylands. As such, an important aspect of DCG's work is its action research which brings small-scale farmers and pastoralists, together with researchers, local NGOs, and other relevant stakeholders, in order to develop sustainable, practical, and locally-owned solutions to the challenges faced by communities in drylands.

DCG's action research projects are highly participatory. Participating farmers and pastoralists are heavily involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluations stages of the research. Other stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, government officials, NGOs, etc.) are either directly involved in the various stages of the project, or are consulted along the way. As a result, when a DCG action research project is complete all stakeholders leave with a sound understanding of the results, their implications, and their application.

Policy work

For knowledge to translate into sustainable change, knowledge must be widely used by various stakeholders, and the policy environment must be informed.

DCG's policy work typically draws on the findings of DCG's action research. But DCG also undertakes policy and mapping research to generate information regarding the effects of existing policies and structures on the food and livelihood security of small-scale farmers and pastoralists in drylands.

DCG also works with other Civil Society Organizations through various international networks in order to reach a range of policy-makers, government officials, and other stakeholders in international forums.

Capacity building

DCG's capacity building activities are predominantly directed towards its DCG members as well as its project participants. DCG provides technical support and organize capacity building workshops for member organisations, and provide a number of knowledge and experience exchange opportunities. By specifically focusing on capacity building, DCG hopes to enhance its members' abilities to access and use evidence-based knowledge in their work. This strengthens the potential for more effective development projects in the future with a greater likelihood for genuine impact.